Consult & Dental X-rays

We would like to get to know you and your dental needs or concerns. At the consult, not just your teeth are checked, but your entire oral cavity and surrounding structures to make sure that all areas of the mouth and surrounds are healthy and free of disease. The dentist and dental assistant chart all teeth and make note of all tissues. Sometimes additional investigations have to be ordered such as dental radiographs or x-rays which show more information for an accurate diagnosis. All the findings are then reported back to you. Possible prognoses and treatment plans are discussed and any further questions you may have are answered. A dental consultation is recommended every 6 months so that any problems can be detected early.

Scale & Polish (Cleaning)

Scaling removes all extrinsic stains on the teeth as well as the build up of calculus/ tartar which is hardened plaque on the teeth that cannot be removed with a toothbrush. This also helps to prevent bleeding gums/ gingivitis. Polishing of the teeth keeps those pearls sparkly. In children under the age of 12 years, only a polish is carried out. A scale and polish is recommended every 6 months and is an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean. 

Dental restorations (Fillings)

We use the best quality materials for dental fillings. Teeth are filled for various reasons, including: filling of cavities which arise from decay or trauma; to change the aesthetics of your teeth; to replace old or broken down fillings. We do not use (mercury containing) dental amalgam at our practices. We offer environmentally friendly and safe filling materials.

Endodontic treatment (Root canal treatment)

This is a treatment which is carried out as an attempt to save a damaged tooth where the inner layer of the tooth containing the nerves and blood vessels is damaged or to alleviate pain. It involves the removal of the inner pulp of the tooth so that the tooth becomes “dead” and the placement of a root canal filling to seal the root canal space. It’s not as painful as you think. In fact, we have techniques to make sure that you do not feel pain before we begin. If the tooth is severely broken then a post (rod) may have to be placed down the treated canal so that stability of the filling can be enhanced. We use high-end equipment so that you may have the most pleasant experience during the root canal treatment. Magnification is also used so that the dentist is able to see down those fine root canals. Dr. N. Rampershad is also trained to carry this procedure out in children if required.

Periodontal Treatment

Bleeding gums are one of the first signs of gum disease. Gum disease (Gingivitis) if left untreated can spread deeper into the tissues of the mouth and into the bone. Once there is bone loss this is termed periodontal disease. Teeth then start to become loose as more bone is lost. Periodontal treatment treats the gum and bone disease. Should the periodontitis be advanced, specialist management may be required.

Veneers, Crowns and Bridges (Caps)

High quality materials are used for porcelain, zirconium or gold crowns. These are permanent restorations that cover the outer part of the tooth or in the case of a bridge, join adjacent teeth where teeth are missing and “bridge” the gap between the missing teeth. Veneers, Crowns and Bridges are also used to create your “perfect smile” if you would like an aesthetic enhancement of your teeth.

Dentures (False Teeth)

Dentures are the most cost effective way to replace missing teeth. Either acrylic (plastic) or chrome-cobalt (metal) dentures are constructed, the pros and cons of which, your dentist will discuss with you. Ideally it takes a series of visits to create the best denture for you, but should you require urgent replacement of the missing teeth, then an immediate denture can also be constructed.

Geriatric Dentistry 

Dr. Rampershad has a soft spot for the elderly. When an older person visits the dentist, an appointment can definitely not be rushed. We listen to your dental concerns (and that of your cat, dog or neighbour too!) and build lasting relationships with you. We suggest ways in which we could assist, giving you a few treatment options to choose from, so that you may choose the one that suits your pocket and needs. We look out for common conditions which affect the elderly such as gum disease and fungal infections and also screen for oral cancer at every consult. Modern dentistry can be applied to the older population as well, however if your denture just needs an upgrade or you are more comfortable with conventional ways of dental treatment, we are happy to accommodate your needs. We also do home visits should your elderly family member not be able to come to us.

Dental Bleaching (Tooth Whitening)

Everybody wants a whiter brighter smile. Professional teeth whitening is the safest way to whiten teeth and gives the best results. Premium whitening products are used to bleach the teeth with active ingredients of either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide of varying strengths. We offer in-chair whitening and take home kits. At the consultation phase the dentist will assess your whitening needs as well as your habits and lifestyle and recommend the best type of whitening for you. Since everybody’s teeth and lifestyles are different, everybody will not be able to whiten their teeth with the same product.

Dental extractions (Tooth removal)

The removal of teeth from the jaw is a dental extraction. Although there are many replacement alternatives, nothing is better than your own natural teeth; it is for this reason that extraction is often the last resort. That being said, if a tooth needs to be extracted, there are various options to replace the missing tooth/teeth.  Teeth are extracted for different reasons, the most common being decay (rotten to the extent that the tooth cannot otherwise be saved), traumatic injury to the tooth, to create space for orthodontic treatment, if teeth are impacted (not growing in the normal direction and position) and causing a problem, tooth pieces left in the jaw after the tooth has broken which could cause infection. Dental extractions are mostly carried out under local anaesthetic but may need to be done under general anaesthetic. We also cater for those who require surgical extractions to remove their teeth. We are aware that dental treatment and especially dental extractions can make many people anxious; and therefore we are as gentle as possible during treatment so as to prevent any dental phobia or anxiety in the future. 

Specialized paediatric (child) dentistry and special needs dentistry

Dr. N. Rampershad specializes in dental treatment of paediatrics. Most general dentistry procedures are carried out in chair, however if major dental treatment is required or if the case warrants it, dental treatment can also be carried out in theatre under general anaesthesia. Dr. N. Rampershad has over 10 years of experience in treating all children, including newborns. We also service special needs patients of all ages, including (but not limited to) conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, physical and mental disabilities, congenital abnormalities, etc. Once treatment is completed with Dr. Rampershad, a strict maintenance plan is advised as well as individualised at home care and instructions. We would like to take care of kids’ teeth every 6 months so that if anything requires attention, it may be caught early and treated most conservatively. The Westville surgery is wheel-chair friendly. In hospital consultations or home call-outs are available if requested.

Orthodontic treatment

Mal-aligned teeth cannot only cause self esteem issues, but can also result in speech problems, breathing problems and chewing difficulty. There are many options to straighten teeth including fixed (train-track type) braces, removable appliances, clear aligners and preventative devices. Mal-alignment is best treated earlier rather than later and is sometimes preventable. Space maintainers in children where teeth are prematurely lost or extracted may assist in preventing more major orthodontic treatment in the future. That being said, if all teeth have erupted and they  have not erupted in the correct position or inclination, it can still be fixed at any age. At the dental consult, chat to us about any issues that you have with the alignment of your teeth and we will be happy to give you all options to have the perfect smile.

Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and bruxing (grinding)treatment 

This is often diagnosed as a last resort when a patient has chronic headaches or wakes up with pain in the head, face or neck region. Parafunctional habits such as teeth grindging can have serious long term effects and is becoming more common in today’s high stress society. Sometimes a simple mouth guard can be made to protect teeth or your TMJ while the underlying cause of the grinding or bruxing is also addressed. 

Sports/ Gum guards

Custom-made sports guards are the only guards that should be worn when playing any contact sport. Every person’s jaws and teeth are different and a snug fit is required to have any help in preventing any detrimental injuries to the teeth and jaws. These come in different colours depending on availability. Many medical aids do cover the cost of mouth guards so let us know if you or your child plays any contact sport and we can suggest the best type of guard to suit your needs. The procedure is simple and non-invasive. An impression is taken at the first visit and a week later you may collect your guard.


These are retentive screw type restorations that use the jaw bone as an anchor for the tooth. Dental implants are the closest prosthetic device to natural teeth. Placement of dental implants requires surgery. We also offer long term maintenance of the dental implants after placement. 

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Cosmetic/ Aesthetic dentistry/ Full mouth rehabilitation

Your smile is the first thing that people notice. A full healthy smile that you are proud of can boost self-esteem and confidence. There’s no need for you to be unhappy with any part of your smile with the array of modern rehabilitative options that we have available to suit your pocket. Sometimes, it’s just the change of old fillings, or minimally invasive veneers that would enhance your smile. If you need more extensive work, Dr. N. Rampershad has more than 10 years of experience behind her to suggest to you what is required to meet your expectations for the perfect smile that you will smile about!